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American Standard Home App

A Comfy Home No Matter Where You Are

An American Standard HVAC system and smart thermostat provides only the best in home comfort for you and your family. Pairing it with the American Standard Home App gives you complete control over your home's environment from anywhere at any time allowing you to adjust the temp up or down with the touch of a button. It's easy to set up and the app is available for download from both Android and iPhone devices and is compatible with Alexa and Google Home smart speakers. 

Conserve Energy And Save Money Conveniently From Your Smart Phone

What's more, the American Standard Home App can help you save energy and money all conveniently controlled from your cell phone. Set up regular schedules for while you're at work and for when you return, or a custom setting for when you're on vacation. You can even adjust the temperature remotely in case you forgot to do it before you left home. The American Standard Home App makes your home's comfort simple and easy to control from anywhere so you can conserve energy and save money.  

Let Our Technicians Troubleshoot Problems Remotely

The American Standard Home App also lets you connect to your American Standard dealer for remote HVAC system diagnostics on the spot. By signing up for American Standard Diagnostics, technicians can troubleshoot system issues remotely before they become real problems.


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Cell phone displaying the American Standard Home App